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Window Balancers

May 17, 2021

This last weekend I learned how window balancers work. My windows are Anderson brand but I think it’s similar for most other windows. The problem was the pane continualy falling down when I tried to open them. For years I’ve just been opening the top window since the bottom wouldn’t stay open. I finally was able to remove both panes, slide the little cover down to expose the balancer inside the sash, and reconnect the string on the balancer to the balance shoe (the thing that slides up and down that the window sash sits in). Somehow the string had become disconnected so the spring in the balancer wasn’t doing anything to hold the windows up. It was a bit of a pain but didn’t take too long. Just surprised there was very little documentation on this online. Pretty sure I have Anderson 400 Series Tile-Wash double hung windows.

This picture shows the string connecting to the balance shoe.

Balance Shoe

This video gives a good visual of what I’m talking about although isn’t really the problem I had. https://youtu.be/kjJ50qKMaqw